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Bead Availability & Pricing
Availability - Pricing - Ordering Suggestion
Beads are one of the most diverse products in the world. They come in just about every shape, size, and color imaginable. The manufacturing techniques used today are not much different than those used hundreds of years ago. Most beads are still made by hand. The color of a bead can be very dependent on the materials used, temperature of the glass, and many other factors, some which can be very hard to control. As a result, bead size and color availability is very inconsistent. In our fast paced, consumer-oriented society, we're used to manufacturers cranking up the assembly line to meet customer demand. This is definitely not the case with beads. Some colors are made regularly while others may only be made only every few years (if ever again). Occasionally, that special color everyone loves might be a fluke, the result of a mistake in manufacturing, a mistake no one knows how to reproduce.

So what does all this mean? It means that we have no control over bead color and size availability. A bead we have stocked for years may suddenly become unavailable. Of course, we can be presently surprised when that perfect shade we've been trying to find for years suddenly appears on our doorstep. If you've been buying beads for awhile, you know how much color variation there can be. It is not uncommon for us to order the same color bead in a size 11/0, 12/0, and 13/0 and get three completely different shades.


When we print a catalog, we generally list all the beads we have in stock or which we expect to have during the life of the catalog. Often, we are out of a particular color in a particular size which causes indefinite backorders. With the Internet, we can easily update our database to accurately reflect our current stock. Therefore:

All beads listed on our web site are available in the colors and sizes listed. They are IN STOCK.

When we run out of a color and size, we'll remove it from the database. When we have it again or when we get new colors, we'll add them. When a bead is listed on our site, it does not mean we have a large quantity available. Sometimes, we have many kilos. Other times, it may only be a few hanks or ounces. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can fill your order. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to show the in-stock quantity of our products at this time.


We want to sell beads. Lots of beads. It doesn't make any sense for them to sit in our storage. To do this, we're trying to price our beads very competitively. We hope you agree. To make it easier for you get the best price, most like items will combine to obtain the quantity price. For example, you can combine any combination of Czech strung seed beads to meet the minimum quantity for a price level. To get the 25+ hank price, you can order 5 hanks of 5 different colors. You don't have to buy 25 hanks of the same color.

If you do need a large quantity of the same color and size, please email us for a quantity quote. We can often provide better pricing when you buy a 1/2 kilo or more of the same color and size.

Ordering Suggestion

As we mentioned before, bead colors can and do change frequently. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you order all the beads you need for a project at one time. If you run out and need to reorder, there is no guarantee that we can match the beads you need. Of course, we'll always try to accommodate your needs. If you really need a specific shade, please send us a small sample so we can try and match it.

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