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Lakota Designs T-Shirts & Headwear from Lakota DesignsŪ

We are pleased to offer an outstanding collection of T-Shirts and hats from Lakota DesignsŪ. These items feature original designs by Lakota artists and are an accurate presentation of the rich tradition of Plains Indian art. All items are of the highest quality and we know you will be pleased to own such fine garments. We wear these ourselves.

  About the Artists
Donald F. Montileaux Donald F. Montileaux
Yellowbird - Oglala Lakota Artist

Among the free-roaming Plains Indians, the storyteller has a unique and honored place. For lack of a written language, he or she was the repository of tribal histories and legends, passing them from generation to generation. Donald Montileaux is a modern-day storyteller, rekindling the image of the Lakota lifestyle by painting the people as they were. "We could have learned so much from our forefathers," he declares. "All one needs is a sincere interest and an attentive ear as elders tell stories and legends of bygone days." Donald regards himself as having a mission: "To portray the Lakota, the Native Americans, in an honest way. To illustrate them as people who were not always at at battles but as people who hunted buffalo, made love, raised children, cooked means, and lived...." Montileaux is primarily a self-taught artist, although he attended the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. He also did an internship under Oscar Howe at the University of South Dakota.

Martin E. Red Bear Martin E. Red Bear
Hehaka Gleska - Spotted Elk - Oglala Sicangu Artist

Martin's life revolves around the teaching and creation of Indian art. Holding an M.A. in Art Education from the University of New Mexico, a B.A. in Visual Arts and Education from the college of Santa Fe, and A.F.A from the Institute of American Indian Arts, and a two-year certificate of completion in Fine Arts from the Rocky Mountain School of Art, Denver, Colorado, Red Bear is a sought-after lecturer on contemporary and traditional Indian Art. Martin works in acrylic and watercolors on canvas, paper, and tanned hides. His works are exhibited in many private collections and colleges thoughout the country. Red Bear is  currently instructing at Oglala Lakota College, Kyle, South Dakota, and serving as a faculty consultant for the integration of Lakota Studies into various disciplines.

Jim Yellowhawk Jim Yellowhawk
Cheyenne River Sioux

Jim Yellowhawk creates works that portray traditional native symbols such as the eagle, the buffalo, and the circle, all of which have significant importance to him. He experiments with many innovative media such as neon light, mixed-media airbrush, bark paper collages, and even painting on umbrellas. His artworks are mostly circular and evocative of star legends in night sky scenes. Jim's versatility has blazed an exciting trail of recognition. His work has appeared as posters promoting events, has been printed on apparel, and has even been published in magazines, on book covers, and on cassette recording covers, including one for the rock band Steppenwolf. Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Art from Marion College, Marion, Indiana.

Artist background information provided courtesy of Lakota DesignsŪ
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