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Veterans and Honor Songs

Veterans and Honor Songs

by Verdell Primeaux

Verdell Primeaux comes from a military family. Members who served are: Grandfather Neulan Dion SR., father Francis Primeaux SR., uncle Asa Primeaux SR., brother Roscoe Primeaux, brother Virgil Goode SR., cousin brother Gordon Primeaux, cousin brother Gerald Primeaux SR., late cousin brother Terry Primeaux, and nephew Glenn Martin Primeaux Sr,. Verdell, an accomplished Singer/Songwriter has dedicated his lifelong studies in American Indian culture and music towards humanitarian causes. As such, he feels the need to “bridge” the empty places in the hearts of the Native American communities. All across the world people have joined in the effort to support our troops in current conflicts and in past campaigns. As a community member Verdell, his wife Cherlyn and their eight children wish to present these special Warrior Prayers for all to use in the healing process in life.

This album is dedicated to the late Lori Piestewa who lost her life in the War in Iraq.

"Thank you Lori for your beautiful smile, your laughter and all the precious moments… Because of you, the world will be a better place for your and our children. Till we meet again, God bless you, Sister. We miss you.
Love Verdell,
Tuba City Community"

— ©2003



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1 Lori's Song  
2 Victory    
3 Call of Duty    
4 Our Flag  
5 Lady Warrior  
6 We'll Never Forget    
7 Primeaux Family Song    
8 Hear Us, Great Spirit    
9 Peyote Veterans Song    
10 Peyote Veterans Song    
11 Peyote Veterans Song    
12 Peyote Veterans Song    
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