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American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #4

American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #4

Autumn 2006

  • The Tonto Naipero: A Nineteenth-Century Apache Playing Card Artist
    Recounts the history of rawhide playing cards – the largest extant corpus of Apache painted material – and suggests that four packs of cards can be attributed to one Tonto Apache card maker.
  • The Native American Collection at the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum
    Examines the Native American collection in the Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum, Big Horn, Wyoming. The collection contains approximately 250 objects from throughout North America, including textiles, baskets, pottery and horse gear.
  • Creating the Codex Hopiensis: Jesse Walter Fewkes and Hopi Artists, 1899-1900
    Delves into the question of why Fewkes misrepresented authorship of the Codex Hopiensis paintings in print, by examining his field notes and letters and the information therein pertaining to the process through which the paintings were commissioned and published.
  • Our Land: Contemporary Art from the Arctic
    The exhibit Our Land: Contemporary Art from the Arctic, organized by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, features approximately 65 artworks by Inuit artists, including sculptures, etchings, lithographs and digital media.

132 pp ~ illustrated 2006



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