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American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #2

American Indian Art Magazine - V31 #2

Spring 2006

  • David and Dennis Cusick, Early Iroquois Realist Artists
    Details the known works by Tuscarora brothers David and Dennis Cusick, founders of the Early Iroquois Realistic style of painting and drawing, a style much admired by their Iroquois contemporaries but based on Euro-American techniques.
  • The Storytelling Jewelry of Denise and Samuel Wallace
    Discusses the jewelry of Denise and Samuel Wallace, who create wearable art — notably, their storytelling belts — with complex designs drawn primarily from Denise's Chugach Aleut heritage. A traveling retrospective exhibition, Arctic Transformations: The Jewelry of Denise and Samuel Wallace, features nearly 200 of their pieces created over the past quarter century.
  • Chemehuevi Coiled Baskets: Origins and Stylistic Trends
    Through the examination of Chemehuevi coiled baskets in various museum collections, this article recounts the history and characteristics of Chemehuevi basketry from the late nineteenth century to the present and provides criteria to differentiate their baskets from those made by the Western Apache, Yavapai, and Havasupai.
  • Arikara Drawings: New Sources of Visual History
    A recent sturdy of two books or Arikara drawings from the mid-1870s in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., makes it clear that the Arikara had an active pictorial art traditions. As well as documenting the artistic achievements of the Arikara, these drawings serve as a rich source of information on their culture and history.

120 pp ~ illustrated 2006



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