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American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #4

American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #4

Autumn 2005

  • A Tale of Two Carvers: The Rain Wall Screen of the Whale House, Klukwan, Alaska
    A detailed study of the interior house screen of the Gaanaxteidi Whale House in the Chilkat Tlingit village of Klukwan, Alaska, which has been attributed to both Tlingit and Tsimshian artists ever since it was first written about in detail by ethnographer George Thornton Emmons in 1916.
  • Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture Aboard Artrain USA
    Review exhibit Native Views: Influences of Modern Culture, which includes 71 pieces of contemporary art by 54 Native American artists. The exhibit is currently touring the United States via the country's rails aboard Artrain USA, a five-car rolling museum.
  • "The Greatest Individual Hunter of Material in the North: Collecting in Alaska, Canada, and Chukotka with Captain Joseph-Fidele Bernard
    Recounts the life of Joseph-Fidele Bernard, who had a 30 year career as trader, collector, trapper, miner and explorer in Alaska, the western Canadian Arctic and the Russian Far East. Bernard's comprehensive anthropological collections rival those of other explorers and scientists in the Arctic at the turn of the century.
  • Trickster in Contemporary Native American Art and Thought: The Indigenous Cultural language of Bob Haozous
    Discusses the live and career of the Apache artist Bob Haozous, and suggests that in his work Haozous employs humorous and ironic images in order to draw attention to the boundaries that his art transgresses and to stimulate discussion via symbolic language.

128 pp ~ illustrated 2005



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