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American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #2

American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #2

Spring 2005

  • Images of Precontact Northwest Coast Masks
    Brings together - for the first time - all of the archaeological evidence for Northwest Coast nasks, which is limited to representations of masks as carvings or effigies on stone, wood, or antler objects..
  • Exhibition Review of "Continuum: 12 Artists at The George Gustav Heye Center, Part 2"
    Review of a series of exhibits on display at the George Gustav Heye Center in New York. This article, part 2, features works by  Nora Naranjo-Morse, George Longfish, Shelley Niro, judith lowry, Marie Watt and jauane Quick-to-See Smith.
  • A Port to the World: Native North American Collections at the Liverpool Museum
    Summarizes the histories of various public collections of Native American material in Liverpool, England, by way of introducing the North American collections of the Liverpool Museum, which - as of this spring - are being shown in a new permanent gallery.
  • Picturing Zuni in the New Deal Era: The Clara Brignac Gonzales Collection of Zuni Day School Drawings and Paintings, 1925-1945
    Discusses a collection of artwork created by Zuni students that reflects the Zuni worldview as well as the role of art in Indian schools in the decades prior to the Second World War.

112 pp ~ illustrated 2005



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