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American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #1

American Indian Art Magazine - V30 #1

Winter 2004

  • Early Native American Collections in Deerfield
    Presents an overview of the history of the Memorial Hall Museum, Deerfield, Massachusetts and discusses Remembering 1704; Commemoration and Context of the Deerfield Raid, an exhibit incorporating perspectives of the participating Kanien'kehaka, Abenaki and Wendat-Huron communities as well as the English and French.
  • Arizona State Museum's Textiles and the "Southwest-Northwest" Continuum
    Provides an overview of the Arizona State Museum's textile collections from the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico and highlights particular collection histories that illustrate potential for further investigation.
  • Exhibition Review of Continuum: 12 Artists at The George Gustav Heye Center, Part
    Review of a series of exhibits on display at the George Gustav Heye Center in New York. This article, Part 1, features works by Kay WalkingStick, Rich Bartow, Joe Feddersen, Harry Fonseca, Richard Ray Whitman and Edgar Heap of Birds (Hock E AYe Vi).
  • The Art of History: Lakota Winter Counts
    Details the history of an literature about Lakota winter counts. These chronicles served not only as calendars but also as teaching tools.

112 pp ~ illustrated 2004



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