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American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #3

American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #3

Summer 2004

  • The Jump Dance Basket of Northwestern California
    Reviews the history and development of Jump Dance baskets, produced principally by the Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk tribes of northwestern California.
  • "The Indians Also Have a Game Somewhat Similar to Cards": Native American Cards of French and English Derivation
    Discusses six packs of playing cards – made by the Ojibwa, Yup'ik, Blackfoot, Thompson (Nlaka'pamux) and two unknown tribes – that were modeled on printed paper cards of French and English origin.
  • The Frank T. Siebert Collection of Native American Art
    The Frank T. Siebert Collection of Native American Art, on display at the Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor, Maine, showcases objects collected by Siebert, a medical doctor who worked over a sixty-year period documenting Algonquian languages.
  • Kemo Sabe: The Tonto Paintings of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
    Offers a detailed analysis of a series of twelve paintings created by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith in 2002, helping the view to decipher the paintings' juxtapositions of the image and text, and showing how the complexities of the artist's thought processes are embodied by and mirrored in her painting techniques.

120 pp ~ illustrated 2004



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April 2004
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