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American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #2

American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #2

Spring 2004

  • Bound by Tradition: Contemporary Northern Paiute / Washoe Beaded Baskets
    Reviews the history and development of beaded baskets in the western Great Basin of California and Nevada, particularly among Northern Paiute and Washoe weavers, and describes the work of some contemporary artists.
  • Mail-Order Catalogs as Artifacts of the Early Native American Curio Trade
    Demonstrates that mail-order curio catalogs in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains document shifting trends in the marketing and collecting of Native American artifacts.
  • The Canadian Ethnographic Collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Discusses approximately eighty-five objects now housed at  the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in Richmond, England. These items, all made from plant-based materials, were collected from Canadian tribes during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries..
  • Casas Grandes Effigy Vessels: Charles C. Di Peso's Premise Revisited
    Explores Charles C. Di Peso's premise that some effigy vessels made by the Casas Grandes culture depict gods, and suggests that the people of the Casas Grandes recorded much of their mythology on pottery.

104 pp ~ illustrated 2004



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January 2004
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