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American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #1

American Indian Art Magazine - V29 #1

Winter 2003

  • Power and Beauty: A New Native American Art Gallery at the Peabody Essex Museum
    The article presents an overview of the history of the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts and discusses Power and Beauty, the first exhiibit in the museum's new gallery devoted to its Native American collections.
  • Native Authorship in Edward Curtis's "Master Prints"
    Written in conjunction with a traveling exhibition of sixty-five portraits by Edward S. Curtis, the article revisits past assessments of the photographs, which have alternately been celebrated as constituting the irreducible truth about Native Americans or castigated for the artifice.
  • I Have a Mysterious Way: Kiowa Shield Designs and Origin Stories Collected by James Mooney, 1891-1906
    Presents material compiled by anthropologist James Mooney about the motifs and origin stories of two Kiowa buffalo-hide shields.
  • Objects and Identities: Another Look at Lewis and Clark's Side-Fold Dresses
    Examines two Plains side-fold dresses, collected by the Lewis and Clark expedition, in terms of their formal characteristics as well as the way that they have been interpreted by scholars over the past century.

112 pp ~ illustrated 2003



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October 2003
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