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American Indian Art Magazine - V28 #4

American Indian Art Magazine - V28 #4

Autumn 2003

  • Reyes Galvan: A Master Zia Potter
    Summarizes the author's research in retracing the live of Zia potter Reyes Galvan, identifying the sytlistic evolution of her pottery and differentiating her work from that of other contemporaneous Zia potters.
  • A Stirring Story: Navajo and Pueblo Spoons
    Written in conjunction with the first exhibition devoted to Navajo and Pueblo silverware, A Stirring StoryL Navajo and Pueblo Spoons, on display at the Wheelright Museum of the American Indian, Santa Fe, New Mexico, presents four hundred pieces, in a variety of forms, from the late nineteenth through early twentieth centuries.
  • The Pearsall Collection of American Indian Art: Fortieth Anniversary Selections
    On display at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, showcases 240 objects, from four geographical areas, collected by Leigh Morgan Pearsall.
  • Wool Yarns in Late Classic Navajo Blankets
    Drawing on Navajo blankets in the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C., this article focuses on the handspun, raveled, and commercial yarns found in Late Classic blankets and their utility as diagnostic features that help to reconstruct the history and dating of each textile.

120 pp ~ illustrated 2003



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July 2003
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