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Steatite Disc Pipe Bowl with Inlay and Puzzle Stem Steatite Disc Pipe Bowl with Inlay and Puzzle Stem

An intriguing pipe that mixes the old with the new. The bowl is made of black steatite with metal inlay on the edges and is crafted in an old-time, early disc form. The stem is a contemporary take on a puzzle stem. A "puzzle" stem is one in which it is not obvious how the smoke travels from the bowl to the mouthpiece. The stem is finely finished in a light color wood with a deep brown "puzzle" inset and black stone mouthpiece. The dark brown inset has the flowing curves similar to those of southern water bird designs, followed by four holes in the main stem that represent the four directions. The bowl is 7 inches long and the overall length with stem is 31 inches.

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9999-009-405  One-Size  $575.00 


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