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Morning Star Gallery Catalog - Volume 6

Morning Star Gallery Catalog - Volume 6

Morning Star Gallery is a preminent gallery specializing in Native American antiquities. They are especially known for the their Plains artifacts but also feature an extensive selection of items from the Southwest, Northwest Coast, Woodlands and Great Lakes, and other areas. They publish a catalog every few years. These catalogs are an extraordinary resource for the collector and student. Every item they offer is museum quality and many items are better than what you will find in museums. Of course, the prices are extraordinary too! We can't afford most of the items, but we sure like to look at the pictures. Each item is presented in color and in great detail.

This edition features Southwest pottery, Navajo rugs, Plains, Northwest Coast, and much more. There are knife sheaths, early blanket strips, gun cases, otter bow case, ledger art, 16 pair of moccasins, pipe bags, strike-a-lights, tobacco bags, dresses, shirts, parfleche, cradles, and more. Highly recommended!

64 pp ~ 113 color photos 1999



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CATEGORY: Material Culture
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