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Focus On Feathers

Focus On Feathers

A Complete Guid to American Indian Feather Craft

by Andrew Forsythe

The best reference available on feathers for American Indian crafts. American Indians traditionally used raptor feathers such as eagle, hawk, and owl to decorate many of their clothing and ceremonial items. While today there is a fine choice of reproductions for items such as old-time bead colors and wool cloth, there are not a lot of options for feathers. This book has an in-depth section on how to create imitation raptor feathers. Of particular value are the photos of actual raptor feathers which you can use for reference. For those who have tried painting reproduction feathers before, you know that one of the real "tricks of the trade" is what paints or dyes to use. If you are hoping that those secrets will be revealed here, you will be disappointed. Little information on paint is provided.

Included are 55 pages on trimming and preparing feathers, feather adornments, and projects such as a traditional war bonnet, old-time bustles, contemporary bustles, fans, and more. Even if you have no interest in painting your own feathers, the craft articles are very useful.

A very good resource which we are pleased to recommend. We get asked all the time about how to prepare and attach feathers. Now we have a great reference book to help illustrate the craft.

112 pp ~ illustrated 2010



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April 2010
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