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Indian Crafts & Lore

Indian Crafts & Lore

by W Ben Hunt

If you were in the Boy Scouts between the 1950's and the 1970's, this was "the source" on how to make Indian crafts. Long out of print, it has been reprinted in its original form. There are lots of tips and instructions for making everything from bonnets to bustles, beadwork, designs, and more. Do keep in mind that some of the crafts and dances described are no longer appropriate for hobbyists to make (in fact, they never really were), such as the Apache Devil Dance. Still, a great source of basic information for many craft projects. Projects include War Bonnets, Horned Bonnets, Roaches, War Shirts, Vests, Cuffs & Gauntlets, Parfleche, Bear Claw Necklace, Moccasins, Arm Bands, and much more.

111 pp ~ illustrated 2005



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June 2005
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