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The Blanket

The Blanket

An Illustrated History of the Hudson's Bay Point Blanket

by Harold Tichenor

With its proud stripes and distinctive black markings, the Hudson's Bay point blanket is a Canadian icon. In 1778, the Hudson's Bay Company commissioned the textile mill of Thomas Empson of Witney, Oxfordshire, to produce "pointed" blankets. During the 1800's, their warmth and durability made them a favorite of the Native peoples, traders, and pioneers. Today, these blankets are still essential gear.

Includes sections on early history and Native American trade, historic photos and illustrations, how they are manufactured, and how to identify the age of the blanket based on the label (the earliest labels appeared around 1890). Nice book for the collector of blankets or for anyone interested in the role the blankets had in Native American and Western history.

80 pp ~ illustrated 2002



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