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Sixty Years of Mogollon Archaeology

Sixty Years of Mogollon Archaeology

Papers from the North Mogollon Conference, Silver City, New Mexi

by Stephanie M Whittlesey

Sixty Years of Mogollon Archaeology Papers from the Ninth Mogollon Conference, Silver City, New Mexico, 1996 Edited by Stephanie M. Whittlesey Every other year since 1980, the Mogollon Conference has brought archaeologists together to discuss current issues and present field reports in Mogollon archaeology of the American Southwest. This volume presents 25 papers presented at the Ninth Mogollon Conference, held at the Western New Mexico University Museum in Silver City in October 1996, covering diverse issues in social organization, gender, and the development of southwestern cultures. CONTENTS (Abridged) Spatial Variability in Room Form at Grasshopper Pueblo The Grasshopper-Chavez Pass Debate Ritual Space in the Grasshopper Region A Heterarchical Perspective on Aggregated Pueblo Social Organization Engendering the Mogollon Past A Possible Solstice Observatory at Casa Malpais Pueblo Prehistoric Shell Artifacts from Q Ranch Pueblo Prehistoric Use of the Margins of Desert Basins in SE Arizona Exploring Late-Prehistoric Mortuary Patterns Villa Verde and the Late-Prehistoric Period along the San Pedro River The Classic Mimbres Phenomenon and Some New Interpretations Rural Land-Use Patterns in the Mimbres Region Sexual Division of Labor in the Prehistoric Puebloan Southwest as Portrayed by Mimbres Potters New Identifications of Naturalistic Motifs on Mimbres Pottery Evidence for Migration in the Eastern Mimbres Region Mimbres Pottery Microseriation Knife-Wing: A Prominent Mesoamerican, Mimbres, and Pueblo Icon Early Pit House Period Household Organization and Subsistence Pots, Points, and Dates: New Information toward Understanding the Archaic-Formative Transition Evaluating Placement ofMogollon Sites Burned-Rock Features and Middens: 4,800 Years of Roasting Rebuilding an Ancient Pueblo: The Victorio Site in Regional Perspective Salado Architecture at Ormand Village Implications of Dating Reevaluations of Reserve Black-on-White Pottery Advances in Colonial Archaeology in Chihuahua: The Case of Carrizal

245 pp ~ illustrated 1999



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June 1999
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