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Walking on the Wind

Walking on the Wind

Cherokee Teachings for Harmony and Balance

by Michael Garrett

NATIVE AMERICAN / HEALING In the spirit of his highly acclaimed Medicine of the Cherokee, coauthored with his father, J. T. Garrett, Michael Garrett shares with us the delightful, all-ages stories told to him by his father and other medicine teachers. Blending his background as an Eastern Cherokee with his skills as a counselor, Michael teaches us how to make sense of our experiences in life, see beauty in them, and be at peace with our choices. "Michael's book offers a balanced, sensitive way for people to come to terms with the complexities of life. His blend of traditional Cherokee stories and ways with that of science and psychology illustrates that both Native and non-Native peoples can learn to thrive together. . . for the betterment of all." --Ben Winton, editor, Native Peoples magazine "I am a traditional Cherokee mother and grandmother, and it is my responsibility to teach my children and grandchildren to be at peace with everyone and everything, and how to live as true Cherokee (Tsa la gi), in harmony with all living things. If the Creator (U ne tla nv hi) decided that he needed me more than my children and grandchildren needed me tomorrow, then I can go to him at peace knowing that this wonderful book, Walking on the Wind, was here to teach them the things I didn't get a chance to teach them." --Myrtle Driver Johnson, Eastern Band of Cherokee "For the souls of modern people, this book is Good Medicine." --Steven McFadden, author, Profiles in Wisdom: Native Elders Speak about the Earth "I wept as I read--so simple the stories, so powerful the messages! Great truths revealed through storytelling helps the reader see visions and dream dreams through Cherokee eyes." --Carol Locust, Ph.D., Native American Research and Training Center, University of Arizona MICHAEL TLANUSTA, Ph. D, . is both a student and teacher of the Cherokee Way, drawn from the ancient wisdom of teachings of the medicine elders on the Cherokee Reservation in the Great Smoky Mountains. He is an assistant professor of counselor education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and coauthor of Medicine of the Cherokee: The Way of Right Relationship (Bear & Co., 1996).

193 pp ~ illustrated 1998



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ISBN: 1879181495
CATEGORY: Body/Mind/Spirit
May 1998
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