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The Timeline of Native Americans

The Timeline of Native Americans

The Ultimate Guide to North America's Indigenous Peoples

by Greg O'Brien

The history of the Americas did not begin with Christopher Columbus. In fact, the people indigenous to the "New World" had been thriving here for more than 30,000 years. "The Timeline of Native Americans" explores the most significant moments in the rich history of America's indigenous people, from their "pre-history" before European settlers arrived, through the wars, dispossession and eventual destruction of many tribes, to modern day tribal life.

Presented chronologically, this volume presents a comprehensive history of Native Americans in a unique format featuring a running timeline linking key developments of the era at the bottom of each page.

Sioux. Cherokee. Mohawk. Navajo. Native American nations were once as diverse as European countries, with many different languages and unique cultures. Once they came into contact with colonial settlers, however, their fate changed dramatically. Learn how the introduction of disease, horses and wars impacted -- and destroyed -- many tribes.

The book also includes an 8-page double-sided gatefold timeline at the back of the book. This poster profiles key events in a unique graphic representation, with cut-out images and color keys under various themes and headings.

224 pp ~ illustrated 2008



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November 2008
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