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Green Snake Ceremony With Bookmark

Green Snake Ceremony With Bookmark

by Sherrin Watkins

In this delightfully illustrated children's book, a Native American family lovingly blends the ancient practices of their ancestors with contemporary life. In Green Snake Ceremony a Shawnee family plans a traditional green snake ceremony to bless four-year-old Mary Greyfeather. Little Mary isn't at all sure she wants to have a party with a snake but Grandma Greyfeather tells her, "Green snakes won't hurt anyone. They're good luck". "They give girls your age good health", Grandpa Greyfeather adds. Meanwhile, Herman, the friendly little green snake who lives under the Greyfeather's house, has overheard the conversation and is even more upset than Mary. He is sure he doesn't want to come to a party with humans. So begins the story of the Greyfeather family's attempts to find a green snake for Mary's ceremony, and Herman's attempts not to be found. The search takes the grandparents and Mary to the park, the zoo, the nature center and the pet store, because they have no idea that Herman lives right under their front porch. That, of course, is the way Herman wants it, and he makes every attempt to disguise himself. Before it's over, Mary gets her ceremony (which isn't at all scary, as she had feared) and Herman gets a whole new lease on life.

36 pp ~ illustrated 1997



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ISBN: 1571780572
CATEGORY: Childrens - 04-08
May 1997
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