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The Journal of Julia Singing Bear

The Journal of Julia Singing Bear

by Jewel Grutman

This is a fictional story based on historical fact told from the perspective of a Lakota girl who confronts the onslaught of warfare, new technology, and cultural upheaval in the late nineteenth century. It is dedicated to all the courageous young women who journeyed to the Carlisle Indian School with only a blanket of dreams to shield them in a strange and hostile world. The story is presented like a scrapbook of photos and illustrations and features a quillworking motif throughout. While this book is intended for younger readers, it does take place during a violent period of Lakota history and we would suggest you review it before giving it to young children. It is the type of book which would be best shared with your child so you can help answer questions that might arise. Having said that, it is a good book and accurately reflects the types of events a young Lakota girl could have experienced at the time.

This book is a companion volume to The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle and was created in consultation with Arthur Amiotte, a Lakota Studies professor and Oglala Lakota tribal member.

82 pp 1995



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