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Living with American Indian Art

Living with American Indian Art

The Hirschfield Collection

by Alan Hirschfield

One hundred and sixty works of Native American art, most having never before been published or placed on public display, are presented in this stunning volume. Objects created by extraordinary nineteenth-century artists working within the traditions of their own cultures are featured. These dramatic works from the Great Plains and adjoining Plateau regions-ornamented and symbolically charged clothing, elaborately embellished containers, cradles, horse gear and more-embody a distinctly powerful, beautiful and mysterious aesthetic. Baskets from California, Navajo textiles, Pueblo pottery and Apache basketry from the Southwest are also included, together with a special collection of octopus bags from the Northwest. Personal anecdotes throughout reveal the collector's vision and experiences that resulted in this rich assemblage. Chapter introductions by Terry Winchell, noted dealer in Native American antiques, review cultural aspects and practical uses of the objects among their creators.

A foreword by Gaylord Torrence, one of America's most respected authorities on American Indian art, not only validates the importance of the collection but also discloses the Hirschfields' respect for the power and spirit the objects emanate in their home.

For art and history buffs-and all those with a love of the American West-this gathering of beautiful objects will inspire and intrigue.

Alan J. Hirschfield, former investment banker and entertainment executive who served as President and CEO of Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, has assembled one of the world's foremost collections of historic Plains Indian art.

Matoska Trading Company:
This is one of the finest collections ever put together, public or private. A beautiful book and an excellent resource. Highly recommended.

279 pp ~ illustrated 2012



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September 2012
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