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Native American Men's & Women's Dance Styles - Volume 1 & 2

Native American Men's & Women's Dance Styles - Volume 1 & 2

A great video featuring two hours of men's and women's competition, social, and specialty dances. Originally released on two VHS tapes as Volume 1 & Volume 2, both volumes are now combined on this DVD.

Volume 1

  • Men's Straight Dance
  • Men's Northern Traditional (including Crow Hop and Sneak Up styles)
  • Men's Grass Dance
  • Men's Fancy Dance
  • Women's Southern Cloth Dress
  • Women's Buckskin Dress
  • Women's Jingle Dress (including the Side Step)
  • Ladies' Fancy Shawl Dance

Taped at various Southern Plains powwows and celebrations.

Volume 2
  • Hoop Dance
  • Gourd Dance
  • Crow Men’s and Women’s Traditional
  • Team Dancing
  • Couples Rabbit Dance
  • Couples Two-Step
  • Round Dance
  • Fancy Dance Mix-up Song
  • Tiny Tots
  • Intertribal

Taped at the Crow Fair, Denver March Powwow and Powwows in Oklahoma.



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