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Reuben Snake, Your Humble Serpent

Reuben Snake, Your Humble Serpent

Indian Visionary and Activist

by Jay C Fikes

"In this eminently readable and beautifully designed book, editor Fikes has salvaged one of the inspirational stories of our time. Reuben Snake's journey is a vital embodiment of how living faith, humility, terrific self-discipline, and dedication to a cause greater than ourselves can transform a life and improve the lives of those around us". (Noetic Sciences Review)

"Snake's eloquent life story, based on tape-recorded interviews". (Publishers Weekly)

"Such a rich record of accomplishment for a person who never seemed to desire the recognition of leadership". (Bruce E. Johansen, for Native Americas)

"Respect, compassion, honor. These were the attributes that guided the life of Reuben Snake, Ho Chunk (Winnebago) political and spiritual leader. Snake's first person story -- prepared posthumously from the transcription of oral history interviews conducted shortly before his death -- is a triumph of determination and humble service for the benefit of others. (MSRRT Newsletter)

Reuben Snake's life story is at once intensely personal and a retelling of the most significant events and developments affecting Indian America in modern times. Snake experienced the same challenges as many young Indians -- schooling designed to strip Indian children of their native language and culture; racial discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, and alcohol abuse. Activist, educator, and political and spiritual leader, Reuben Snake rose to leadership within the Winnebago community, the American Indian Movement, the Native American Church, and other organizations. Snake reflects on his experiences with humor, humility, and rare political and spiritual insight. This remarkable autobiography wastransmitted orally to Jay Fikes during the final month of Snake's life. Reuben A. Snake, Jr., was born in January 1937 and died in June 1993.

288 pp ~ illustrated 1997



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