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The Artist & the Missionary

The Artist & the Missionary

Proceedings of the 1992 Plains Indian Seminar

by Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Each year, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center holds the Plains Indian Seminar where students, researchers, and academics present and discuss various views and research focused on a particular topic. In 1992, the focus was Native Americans and the missionaries. Includes But Great Father, You Promised us Blackrobes by Harvey Markowitz, Minnesota Sioux Women: The Art of Survival by Barbara Feezo-Stewart, Protestant Proselytizing and Native Language Educations Among the Sioux by Gary Bevington, Missionaries, Fur Traders, and Osage Ribbon Work by Louis Francis Burns, and Taku Skanskan: Power Symbols of the Universe Parallels in the Cosmos of Plains Indians and White Missionaries by Colin Taylor.

75 pp ~ illustrated 1994



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