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Spirit of Powwow

Spirit of Powwow

by Kay Johnston

Feel the power of the powwow as you follow a family and their friends through the dance arbor on their magical journey. Help set up the powwow grounds. Smell the bannock baking. Mix with the dancers and drummers. Hear their drums beat; hear their heartbeat.

Powwow goes beyond the usual description of dances and regalia. Wonderful visuals and text bring alive every component of powwow. As you spend time with the Nahanee family and friends, you will learn of their spiritual experiences. You will be taken behind the scenes to meet the people who hold the event together. You will meet young dancers learning how to dance and make their very first regalia as they learn about their culture. This book shows the importance of the powwow - a time to each, to discover, and to celebrate.

OK, that was the publisher's description. We like this book because there are lots of great photos of dancers of all different styles. It is a nice resource to get ideas for dance clothes. Also, there is a lot of explanation about the powwow… dance styles, etiquette, singing, specials, honor songs… basically everything that goes on at a dance. It is written is an easy to read almost diary-like narrative style. If you've never been to a dance and want to know what it's like, this is the book for you. If you already know everything, there are lots of photos to look at.

143 pp ~ illustrated — ©2003



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