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Western Apache Material Culture

Western Apache Material Culture

The Goodwin and Guenther Collections

by Alan Ferg

This volume describes in detail two collections of Western Apache artifacts from east-central Arizona. The materials, belonging to the Arizona State Museum, range in age from the mid-1800's to the present and represent a thorough cross-section of tools, clothing, religious paraphernalia, and games. The items show both the continuities and changes engendered by over a hundred years of contact with other Indian groups, Hispanics, and Anglos in the Southwest.

Technological details are explained for the artifacts, and their cultural contexts are elucidated through observations made by the Western Apache themselves and through the reprinting of two early articles written by Grenville Goodwin. Richly illustrated with artifact figures and color illustrations by award-winning photographer Helga Teiwes and with previously unpublished glass-plate negatives form the first quarter of this century, this book will be absorbing to all who are interested in the life and times of the early West, to both Apaches and non-Apaches, and to historians and anthropologists alike.

221 pp 1987



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