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Beginning Creek

Beginning Creek

Mvskoke Emponvkv with audio CD

by Pamela Joan Innes

Beginning Creek provides a basic introduction to the language and culture of the Mvskoke-speaking peoples, Muskogee (Creek) and Seminole Indians. Written by linguistic anthropologist Pamela Innes and native speakers Linda Alexander and Bertha Tilkens, the text is accessible to general readers and students and is accompanied by two compact discs.

The volume begins with an introduction to Creek history and language, and then each chapter introduces readers to a new grammatical feature, vocabulary set, and series of conversational sentences. Translation exercises from English to Mvskoke and Mvskoke to English reinforce new words and concepts. The chapters conclude with brief essays by Linda Alexander and Bertha Tilkens on Creek culture and history and suggestions for further reading.

The two audio CDs present examples of ceremonial speech, songs, and storytelling and include pronunciations of Mvskoke language keyed to exercises and vocabulary lists in the book. The combination of recorded and written material gives students a chance to learn and practice Mvskoke as an oral and written language.

Although Mvskoke speakers include the Muskogee (Creek) and Seminole Nations of Oklahoma, the Poarche Band of Creek Indians in Alabama, and some Florida Seminoles, the number of native speakers of Mvskoke has declined. Because the authors believe that language and culture are inextricably linked, they have combined their years of experience speaking and teaching Mvskoke to design an introductory textbook to help Creek speakers preserve their traditional language and way of life.

Pamela Innes, Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, works with American Indian communities on issues of language revitalization and maintenance. Until her retirement, Linda Alexander taught Mvskoke language classes at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. Bertha Tilkens is a consultant with the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, translating and administering health questionnaires to Muskogee and Seminole people. Alexander and Tilkens are fluent Mvskoke speakers.

254 pp 2004



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