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Caddo Indians

Caddo Indians

Where We Came From

by Cecile Elkins Carter

This narrative history of the Caddo Indians creates a vivid picture of daily life in the Caddo Nation. Using archaeological data, oral histories, and descriptions by explorers and settlers, Cecile Carter introduces impressive Caddo leaders past and present. The book provides observations, stories, and vignettes on twentieth-century Caddos and invites the reader to recognize the strengths, rooted in ancient culture, that have enabled the Caddos to survive epidemics, enemy attacks, and displacement from their original homelands in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

"By writing in a highly descriptive and enjoyable style, the author has successfully told the history of the Caddo tribe while at the same time bringing that history to life. She has ably reminded us that Native Americans, too easily perceived as relics of the past, continue to live vital lives."--Great Plains Quarterly

"Extensive research, an unbiased approach to the subject, and a colorful writing style combine to create an impressive saga of the Caddo people."--Military History of the West

"The…unique feature of [Carter’s] study is the frequent introduction of oral testimony by modern tribal elders who discuss Caddoan traditions of music, dance, religious ritual, kinship, and leadership patterns."--Southwestern Historical Quarterly

432 pp ~ illustrated — ©2001



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March 2001
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