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American Indian Medicine

American Indian Medicine

by Virgil J Vogel

"American Indian Medicine is much more than its title indicates. For in presenting the medical practices of the New World, Vogel gives a fine picture of the historical relationship between the native Americans and the newcomers from the Old World."-American West

" No other book has ever assumed the scope of this study of the botanical ingredients of Amerind medicine in ’what has been called rational therapy.’ Most other works have tended to emphasize the shamanistic, magical, or ritualistic practices that Indians used in the curing arts, but in this volume the ’practical’ and (mostly) pharmacological bases of treatment and cure are studied. . . .A very satisfying book."-Library Journal

"An important and useful book. It contributes to both the history of medicine and the American Indian, and reflects the historian’s response to social trends, by utilizing the tools of his profession to acknowledge the role all people played in the achievements of contemporary civilization."-Arizona and the West

"It is a well and interestingly written essay on the medical aspects of Indian history, folklore, pharmacology, and botany. Emphasis is correctly placed on those things which have been carried over from the Indian’s medical practice to that of the white man. . . .Should interest all physicians, anthropologists, botanists, ecologists, and historians. The literate layman will enjoy it. Those who like things that improve the Indian’s status will love it."-Journal of American Medical Association

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September 1990
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