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Custer Died for Your Sins

Custer Died for Your Sins

An Indian Manifesto

by Vine, Jr Deloria

In his new preface to this quality paperback edition, the author observes, "The Indian world has changed so substantially since the first publication of this book that some things contained in it seem new again." Indeed, it seems that each generation of whites and Indians will have to read and reread Vine Deloria’s Manifesto for some time to come, before we absorb his special, ironic Indian point of view and what he tells us, with a great deal of humor, about U.S. race relations, federal bureaucracies, Christian churches, and social scientists. This book continues to be required reading for all Americans, whatever their special interest.

"[Deloria] writes with ironic, mordant wit and, in the process, he resolutely destroys the stereotypes and myths that white society has built up about the Indian."--Newsweek

"He’s more interested in results than in being tactful. Nauseated by the traditional Indian image, he asserts the worth if not the dignity of the redman and blasts the political, social, and religious forces that perpetuate the Little Big Horn and wigwam stereotyping of his people."--Best Sellers

"[Deloria] is perceptive in his analysis of the difference between Indian problems and those of blacks and other minority groups, and his commentary on Indian affairs is enlightening."--Library Journal

278 pp — ©1988



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June 1988
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