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Blackfeet and Buffalo

Blackfeet and Buffalo

Memories of Life among the Indians

by James Willard Schultz

"Here are the Blackfeet Indians in their hunts, their eagle trapping, their visions and in their dominating fears-fears based on superstitions promoted by their priests-fears that prevented their rising in accordance with their noble potentialities." J. Frank Dobie, Fort World Star Telegram.

James Willard Schultz was a master of story telling in the Indian manner." John C. Ewers.

"A remarkable reportorial skill and the insight that comes only from an abiding and a reciprocated affection." W.H. Hutchinson, San Francisco Chronicle.

"Unmatched in American literature." Library Journal.

A fur trader from 1878 to 1904, Schultz married a Pikuni (Blackfoot) woman, became a member of the tribe, and was given the Blackfoot name Apikuni. With the disappearance of the buffalo it was as difficult for Schultz to adjust to the new way of life as it was for the other Blackfeet. He took to the mountains and explored the eastern slope of the Rockies, hunting game and guiding other hunters and explorers, including George Bird Grinnell, the Baring brothers, and Ralph Pulitzer. He named mountains, glaciers, and lakes; he was the first to identify the mountain goat; and through his and Grinnellís efforts the northern portion of the American Rockies was set apart as Glacier National Park.

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