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Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock

Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock

Treaty Rights and Indian Law at the End of the Nineteenth Century

by Blue Clark

“Fascinating and highly readable . . . This book should be required reading for any student of Federal Indian policy. Furthermore, for students of federal Indian law with a sufficient interest to delve beneath the surface film of decided opinions, this book will provide the details of the rich, tragic human story that constitutes the Kiowa resistance to allotment.”—Journal of American Ethnic History.

“[Clark] places the Kiowas at center stage in the drama, as prime movers in determining their own fate. In the process, [his] study becomes not only a case study of the Dawes Act in application, but an examination of the Kiowas’ persistent and creative struggle in the late nineteenth century to maintain material, legal, and cultural rights.”—Montana.

“Clark’s unique approach in Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock allows him to go beyond the initial examination of legal precedent to reveal a story of human dignity and a people’s survival.”—Great Plains Quarterly.

“Blue Clark does an excellent job of placing the decision within the context of its times and setting forth its devastating effect on tribal sovereignty.”—News from Indian Country.

“It is a real pleasure to discover a book that places the historical context first and explains the manner in which a particular piece of litigation occurred. Blue Clark’s Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock joins Sidney Harring’s Crow Dog’s Case as a worthy representative of a movement to introduce history into the realms of legal thought.”—Vine Deloria Jr., Law and History Review.

Blue Clark is Executive Vice-President of Oklahoma City University.

— ©1995



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