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Warriors of the Plains

Warriors of the Plains

The Arts of Plains Indian Warfare

by Max Carocci

n this richly illustrated study of a complex society, Max Carocci delves into the history of the North American Plains Indian warrior cultures, examining their ongoing legacy, continuity, and the change between historic war practices and contemporary Native American military associations. Warriors of the Plains skilfully interweaves a survey of North American Plains Indian history with a generously detailed examination of Plains Indian warrior art - weapons, amulets, clothing, and ceremonial objects - with particular emphasis on their ritual use and symbolic meanings. Replete with both modern and archival photographs from the British Museum, this book offers a novel approach to a fascinating subject, while integrating history, anthropology, and personal narratives. Showcasing meticulous scholarship and the impressive collection of the British Museum, Warriors of the Plains is a comprehensive and significant contribution to the study of North American History.

160 pp ~ illustrated 2012



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April 2012
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