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The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet

The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet

Native American Poems of the Land

by Joseph Bruchac

Native American elders will tell you there is as much to see in the night as in the familiar light of day, and here Abenaki storyteller and American Book Award recipient Joseph Bruchac offers twelve unforgettable stories of the living earth seen from the sky. "Sky Bear (also known as the Big Dipper) circles the Earth each night, and these 12 poems tell of what she sees and hears....A thoughtful collection that eloquently bears out the theme of unity of all creatures." -- "School Library Journal" "From the Mohawk and Missisquoi peoples of the Northeastern United States to the Pima, Cochiti Pueblo, and Navajo people of the Southwest to the Subarctic Inuit, these pieces reflect an awe and appreciation of the natural world. Locker's deeply hued paintings burst with the beauty of night." -- "The Horn Book" "Engrossing." -- "Kirkus Reviews"

32 pp ~ illustrated 1998



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ISBN: 069811647X
CATEGORY: Childrens - 04-08
September 1998
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