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The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears

by Theda Perdue

Today, a fraction of the Cherokee people remains in their traditional homeland in the southern Appalachians. Most Cherokees were forcibly relocated to eastern Oklahoma in the early nineteenth century. In 1830 the U.S. government shifted its policy from one of trying to assimilate American Indians to one of relocating them and proceeded to drive seventeen thousand Cherokee people west of the Mississippi. "The Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears" recounts this moment in American history and considers its impact on the Cherokee, on U.S.-Indian relations, and on contemporary society. Guggenheim Fellowship-winning historian Theda Perdue and coauthor Michael D. Green explain the various and sometimes competing interests that resulted in the Cherokees expulsion, follow the exiles along the Trail of Tears, and chronicle their difficult years in the West after removal.

189 pp 2007



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CATEGORY: Tribes - Cherokee
June 2007
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