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Good Medicine

Good Medicine

by Eastern Eagle Singers

The Group have been singing together since 1993 and have travelled to Pow Wows throughout Canada and the United States. Over the past few years, this crew of Mi'kmaq pow wow singers from Canada's East Coast has become one of today's premier singing groups. "Good Medicine" was inspired from the exhilarating feeling derived from a well-balanced mind, body and spirit. Experience Eastern Eagle’s 2nd Arbor Records’ release and lose yourself in the voice of the drum.

Eastern Eagle Singers are:
Greg Marr, Jonathan Marshall, Ivan Paul, Jacob Paul, Bryden Kiwenzie, Gabriel Paul, Robert Gloade, Nathan Sack, Brent Sack, David Meuse, Neal Paul, Billy Joe Meuse, Mark McDonald, Simon Nevin, Brian Knockwood, Jennifer Ward, June Taylor, Wausnodeh Kiwenzie

59:38 minutes — ©2004



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1 Intro & Prayer Song  
2 B2K • Men’s Traditional  
3 Six Nations Highway • Men’s Traditional  
4 Hook, Line & Sinker • Victory    
5 Cover of the Mi’kmaq News • Intertribal    
6 Mr. Bubbles • Intertribal    
7 Go Harv Go! • Crow Hop    
8 We Sing for You • Drum Song    
9 Shubie Strut • Chicken Dance    
10 Straight Honour Song    
11 The Breeze • Women’s Traditional    
12 Jerrich’s Jingle • Side Step    
13 Straight Outta Dallas • Victory    
14 Good Medicine • Intertribal    
15 Ancient Mi’kmaq Gathering Song    
16 Closing Message    
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