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Father to Son

Father to Son

by Earl Bullhead

From the the Dakota’s Standing Rock Reservation come’s traditionalist singer/songwriter Earlwin B. Bullhead. Earl has been a Lakota history teacher for several years and through his music he has educated and entertained natives and non-natives alike. Mr. Bullhead is a very well-known and respected artist/teacher in the Native community and Arbor Records with Creative Native Productions is very proud to release Father To Son for everyone’s listening enjoyment!

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CATEGORY: Traditional

1 Henna Wapi’iya Odowan    
2 Wokiksuye Odowan    
3 Wokiksuye Olowan    
4 Yu Oninhan Olowan    
5 Woete Wakan Olowan    
6 Song Of Preservation    
7 Kahomni Odowan    
8 Kahomni Song    
9 Woiste Olowan    
10 Akicita Odowan    
11 Yu Oninhan Olowan    
12 Wacekiya Olowan    
13 Akicita Waci Odowan Wan    
14 Waciwicasa Olowan    
15 Love Song Of The Oglala    
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