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New Years at Porcupine

New Years at Porcupine

by Porcupine Singers

The songs on this recording were performed by Porcupine Singers at the New Years Celebration on December 31, 1996, and January 1,1997, in Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Reservation of South Dakota The songs performed were composed by past and present members of our singing group.

New Years celebrations among the traditional Lakota were special events when traditional practices of feeding and honoring took place. A special feature of this occasion is the involvement of masqueraders who arrive during the proceedings to dance, make people laugh, and eventually are demasked foe the entertainment of all. One masquerader will represent the previous year and will he chased out by midnight on New Years eve, sometimes by another dancer representing the New Year. New Years Committees also tey to create other fun activities beyond the singing and dancing to provide an enjoyable occasion for all who attend. Thus, the New Year Celebrations provide the opportunity to perform a variety of different traditional, intertribal, contest, and social dance songs.

Porcupine Singers: Melvin Young Bear, Severt Young Bear, Jr., Cedric Young Bear, Tom Thunder Hawk, Bryan Thunder Hawk, Scot Means, Red Boy Means, Ronnie Theisz, Keistian Theisz, Irving Tail, Calvin Jumping Bull, and Clyde Squirrel Coat.

We invite all our fellow singers to honor us by singing our songs if they choose, and we provide the texts and translations as our way of sharing these songs.

58:05 minutes 1997



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1 Intertibal Song 6:56
2 Traditional Song
The people gather around dancing to have a good time. Dance, you only live now.
3 Pounding Heart Grand Entry Song
The men dancers come dancing. My heart is pounding. Singers, take courage; they are counting on you.
4 Contest Song 5:01
5 Intertribal Song 6:19  
6 Rabbit Dance Song
Dearie, even though you are married and I have lots of children I still like you. If I feel like it, I may still break up your home.
7 Friendship Round Dance Song
My people, my people, offer your hand. Joyfully, when I see you, I come saying this.
8 Intertribal Song 3:14  
9 Contest Song 3:56  
10 Women's Traditional Contest Song
When I saw Porcupine from afar, my heart was broken. I would like to see you so I came.
11 World War I Veteran's Song
People, don't worry. I am always alive. The Lakota nation say this when they come together.
12 Committee Song
Leaders of the people, when they come saying, "Please bring your children," I will take courage. (Children are often selected to serve on committees on behalf of their families)
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