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Buckskin Splits - Remnants - Gold

Buckskin Splits - Remnants - Gold

Good quality buckskin remnants. For some applications, buckskin (like many leathers) is shaved or "split" into a uniform thickness. The piece with the smooth skin side is retained. The piece that is a byproduct is called a "split". It has no smooth skin side and both sides are sueded. These are excellent for all types of craft projects. Extremely economical compared to complete skins. Great for small bags, making thong, etc. Pieces run between 1 and 3 square feet. Note that because these are remnants, there may be holes to contend with. If you need large areas with no holes, then we suggest you purchase complete skins for your projects. Sold by weight. We guarantee you'll be pleased with these. Note that we will fill your order to the specified weight as closely as possible but the amount you receive may vary by 10% or more (you will be charged more or less, accordingly). Gold or smoke colors.

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5010-158-016 Varies $20.95 1 LB
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$18.95 1 LB
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