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Abalone Shell - Whole - Pink

Abalone Shell - Whole - Pink

Haliotis fulgens

Abalone shells are often used as a smudge bowl for burning sage and other botanicals. Abalone are harvested as a food source and the shells are used for decorative and other purposes so nothing is wasted. These are harvested in Mexico. Please note that shells are quite heavy, so your actual shipping costs may be more than our web site will estimate.

For shipments outside the United States, we will need to obtain an export permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. There is no charge to you for this service, but we cannot ship more than 25 shells per shipment. Please allow several days for permit processing and issuance.

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Size /
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3010-001-002 5-6" $5.95 ea
Qty (1-9)
$4.95 ea
Qty (10-24)
$3.95 ea
Qty (25+)
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