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The American Indians Play Waila

The American Indians Play Waila

by The American Indians

This collection brings together two classic recordings by The American Indians, one of the most innovative bands in the saga of waila, the lively social dance music of southern Arizona's Native peoples. Also known as "chicken scratch" waila features the intricately intertwined melodies of saxophone and accordion propelled by the rhythms of guitar, bass, and drums playing polkas, two-steps, and cumbias. While staying true to the traditions of waila, The American Indians played with a highly original flare making them legends of chicken scratch.

Originally released as two albums, The American Indians Play Chicken Scratch (1974) and Waila - Social Dance Music: The American Indians Album 2 (1976).

73:32 minutes 2006



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CATEGORY: Chicken Scratch

1 Cactus Song  
2 Coolidge Two-Step  
3 John Special  
4 Come Home Tonight  
5 Pisinimo Polka  
6 El Capitan    
7 Palo Verde Stands    
8 Blackwater Polka    
9 The Sunset    
10 San Xavier Polka    
11 Topawa Two-Step    
12 Desert Polka    
13 Eloy Two-Step    
14 E.M.C. Two-Step    
15 Taverna    
16 Oh My Darlin Clementine    
17 Arrowhead Two-Step    
18 Fernando Polka    
19 J's Tune    
20 Old Timer Two-Step    
21 Cry Babe    
22 White Dove Polka    
23 Song From Way Back    
24 Coolidge Polka    
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