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William Horncloud Sings Sioux Rabbit Songs

William Horncloud Sings Sioux Rabbit Songs

by William Horncloud

Born in 1905 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, William Horncloud is perhaps the most well-know and respected traditional Lakota singer of the 20th century. His repertoire of songs reached back into the 1800's and he was instrumental in keeping Lakota culture alive. With this recording, Horncloud performs classic songs of the Rabbit Dance, a traditional Lakota social dance whose words are often humorous but most often reflect the sadness of unrequited or painful love. Originally recorded in 1971, it was remastered and released on CD in 2005. The booklet includes some background information on William as well as English translations or descriptions of the songs. A very important collection of Lakota songs.

37:29 minutes 2005



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CATEGORY: Traditional

1 The Oldest Rabbit Dance Song  
2 I'm Remembering You  
3 It Makes No Difference  
4 If You Don't See Me  
5 My Man Is Not Here  
6 If You Get Lonesome    
7 I'm Not Single    
8 New Way of Life    
9 I'm Going to Love You    
10 Who Is That Boy?    
11 Won't You Be My Sweetheart    
12 Dearie, Why Don't You Look At Me?    
13 You're Going Home Now    
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