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Into the Circle - Special DVD Edition

Into the Circle - Special DVD Edition

An Introduction to Native American Powwows

Long before this land was called America, native people danced in a circle around the drum - - - for celebration, fellowship, renewal and healing.

From many individual tribal ceremonies and songs has come the contemporary powwow, an Indian gathering of many tribes. Oklahoma, the original Indian Territory, is still home to more Native Americans and more tribes than any other state. Itís an ideal location to see the widest array of dancers, singers and regalia.

This two hour video is a colorful and informative guide on how best to enjoy attending a powwow.

Featuring excerpts of dances across Oklahoma, youíll see the vitality and variety that make the powwow something special. Slow motion sequences of national champions show the grace, power and intricate steps of dance styles.

Interviews with tribal elders, dancers and singers will help you know what to look and listen for. Historic photographs and eyewitness accounts will relate how the powwow began and how it is still evolving.

This special DVD edition includes 60 minutes of in-depth interviews with elders, singers, and dancers, not available in the VHS version.

(120 minutes)



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