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The World's Best Grass Dance Songs

The World's Best Grass Dance Songs

by Various

This is an outstanding collection of songs from some of the best drums on the powwow trail. It is a great "sampler" which will really let you get a feel for each of the different drums.

Pow Wow: The word "Pow Wow" comes from the Algonquin word "Pau Wau" which was used to describe the medicine man and spiritual leaders. Early Europeans though the word referred to the entire event. As Indian tribes learned English, they accepted the definition.

The original dances were held by members of elite warrior societies. They were frequently called Grass Dances and were held for the benefit of tribal members. There were a variety of names used by diferent tribes for these dances. Among them are the Omaha Dance used by the Sioux, Hot Dance used by the Crow, Dakota Dance by the Cree, and Wolf Dance from the Shoshone and Arapaho.

The Grass Dance gradually evolved into the Pow Wow. As Indigenous People began to live on reservations they had more time to devote to non-survival activies and dancing became increasingly important. The celbrations were strictly social events until the 1920's when "Contest" dancing became popular.

Grass Dancers were yokes, breech cloths and anklets covered with strands of brightly colored yarn. On their heads they wear either a bandana or a porcupine roach. The Grass Dance is noted for its fluid movements and sliding steps.

46:05 minutes 1998



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1 Blacklodge  
2 Grey Buffalo  
3 Little Island Cree    
4 Northern Wind    
5 White Eagle    
6 Seekascootch    
7 Whitefish Bay    
8 Smokeytown  
9 Whirlwind    
10 Red Hawk    
11 Eagles Singing    
12 Wisconsin Dells  
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