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Sacred Directions

Sacred Directions

by Earl Bullhead

Earl Bullhead is a traditional singer. In this recording, he presents Lakota ceremonial songs including prayer songs, pipe filling songs, tobacco offering songs, and others. These songs are rarely recorded but Earl feels they belong to all the people and should be shared for the betterment of mankind. Includes a booklet in Lakota with English translations. Excellent and highly recommended! A classic work.

35:10 minutes 1996



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Tunkasila Heyayakaye
Grandfather who's all around us.
2 Tuwe Wakata Wakan
Someone above who's Sacred I pray to.
3 Wakan Tanka Tokahiya
Great Mystery you are first.
4 Canupa Opahkta Olowan
Pipe filling song.
5 Tata Sakowin Olowan Wan
Seven Nations.
6 Tuwa Wakilowan
Someone I sing for.
7 Canli Opahkta Olowan
Tobacco offering song
8 Tuwe Makipana
Someone is calling me
9 Inyan Wan Hinajinye
A Stone has returned
10 Tunkasila Wamayank U We
Grandfather is coming to see me
11 Hotan I Pelo Wakatah
Above they have returned
12 Canunpa Nica U Pe Lo
A Pipe they have brought you
13 Tate Topa Olowan Wan
Four Direction song
14 Hotan In Yan Kinajipelo
Offering your wrong doings
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