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Enter the Earth

Enter the Earth

by Burning Sky

Burning Sky's Native American flute, acoustic guitar, bass, and percussion conjure up the spirits of the ancients to dance among and within us. The seventeen tracks of Enter The Earth invoke the powers of the four directions who call mankind to the sacred places with warnings to heed Mother Nature. A wonderful instrumental album.

52:05 minutes 1998



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CATEGORY: Contemporary

1 Out From the Darkness    
2 Celebration Song  
3 Spirit Within  
4 Watchers of the Canyon  
5 Night Sky Dreamtime  
6 Across The Big Water of the West
(The Polynesians Came)
7 Call of the Thunder Beings    
8 Journey to the Four Directions    
9 Across the Big Water of the East
(The Celts Came)
10 Red Earth Walkabout    
11 Shash Yaazh    
12 Warrior's Dance    
13 Tree People Speak    
14 Tribal Stomp    
15 Awaken the People (Healing Song)    
16 Circle Dance    
17 Crystal Fire Child (Enter the Earth)    
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