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Lakota Piano

Lakota Piano

Paul LaRoche

by Brule

Features Instrumental piano versions of XIT classics. A very mellow recording which is great to relax to.


Just the sound of the words "Lakota" and "piano" should arouse interest in the listener. They present a "nintemany," or an apparent but not actual contradiction. The Lakota were the archetypal warrior nation, whereas the piano is an instrument of peace.

Paul La Roche (Lower Brulé Lakota), who goes by the stage name of Brulé, has created a wonderful instrumental album. On the surface, this is a beautiful of melodious piano selections, with some limited synthesized assistance. Still, musical waters do run deep in the case of Lakota Piano, Brulé went to the headwaters of modern Native music, XIT. For the uninitiated, XIT was the first significant Native rock band.

La Roche decided to honor his musical fore fathers in Lakota Piano by doing instrumental piano versions of XIT's rock songs. He explains that XIT was at "the core of that (modern Native music) movement" and that the tunes have a "spiritual element" to them. I recommend reading the lyrics. The music is mellow, but the lyrics reflect the turmoil of the early 1970's: "Alcatraz, Wounded Knee, whatever necessary." ("End") Other songs show a depth of existential perception: "I am who I am. And who said I was. I am the image of myself. I am Indian." ("Anthem")

Brulé's Lakota Piano is perhaps the best-rounded Native album I have reviewed. It is technically superior, historically significant, and beautiful to hear.

37:39 minutes — ©1997



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CATEGORY: Contemporary

1 Color Nature Gone  
2 Anthem of the American Indian    
3 Birth    
4 At Peace    
5 Awakening    
6 Nihaa Shil Hozho
(I am happy about you)
7 Someday    
8 End    
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