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Osage Medicine

Osage Medicine

The Osage Sweat with Ancestorial Songs

by Louie McAlpine

This important recording presents the various songs used in the Osage Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Each song is explained and sung outside the context of the ceremony. After the songs are presented, an actual sweat lodge ceremony is performed. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only recording of an actual sweat available. If you have ever been in a sweat before, you'll know this is the real thing. If you have not, then this is the closest you will ever get outside of participating in the ceremony. The sound of the water hissing as it hits the rocks makes it easy to envision the heat and rising steam.

As you listen to the sweat ceremony, we would remind you that you are hearing real prayers from real people, so please listen with respect.

44:03 minutes 1997



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CATEGORY: Ceremonial

1 Beginning    
2 Water  
3 Grandmother's Song    
4 Wife    
5 Spirit Animal Helper    
6 Guiding    
7 Dedication    
8 Buffalo Bull Medicine    
9 Wailing Song  
10 Osage Song of Sorrow    
11 Round 1  
12 Round 2  
13 Round 3    
14 Round 4    
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